We accelerate your growth.

Introducing Sales-as-a-Service, with an on-demand direct sales force that can be activated instantly in any location around the world. Accelerate your customer acquisition with a global infrastructure for growth.

Market trials

Explore a market with us at a small scale, while avoiding the costs of recruitment and training.

New customers

Leveraged to activate customers and function as a complement to your current sales activities.

Field support

We provide on-the-ground support, even in remote locations that may be out of your reach.

Unmatched scalability

An on-demand direct sales force that you can activate instantly in any location around the world.

Performance based pricing

You only pay for each new approved customer. No fixed fees. No setup costs. No risk.

Quality assurance

We perform quality reviews after each visit to ensure that we maintain unrivaled standards of brand representation.

Real time feedback

You will be able to follow your progress live, and to gather valuable market specific feedback.

Simple setup

Our unique method will provide you with new customers in a matter of days — from anywhere in the world.

Best local talent

Our methods for recruitment and training ensure that we only engage the best local talent. Only a small share of applicants become certified Brand Ambassadors.

Brand Ambassadors

We look at sales from the perspective of representation, which is why we recruit and train our sales people to be Brand Ambassadors. They live all over the world, and together they form a distributed network that enable the world’s most innovative brands to grow at any market, at any time.

Your sales dashboard

Your brand dashboard will provide you with real time tracking of all meetings and sales. Follow your customer base grow on a daily basis. Get useful data and feedback.


“If this is the era of the entrepreneur it is surely also the age of the freelance worker”

“Universal Avenue is playing squarely in the on-demand economy with an app and service that lets companies, including startups, hire sales people on-demand.”

“'The direct-sales industry is a $180 billion industry that hasn’t adapted to online at all', says Mr Lilja. That it seems, won’t be the case for long."

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Let's talk growth

We're looking for innovative brands that are one of the leaders in their category. We are highly selective in regards to who we work with and appreciate brands with similar values to us.