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Competitive compensation

A good salary is core to continued motivation, but we also know that good health is key to success. That’s why we contribute generously to gym and sports related activities.

Freedom and flexibility

We believe in having the personal freedom to choose when and where we do our best work. Because that’s when we love what we do.

Solution oriented environment

Life is full of challenges, especially when we want to achieve something big. That’s why it’s so important to always drive towards a solution — and keep learning from our mistakes.

Good times

In reality, there’s no separation between life and work — there’s only life. We work hard, but we always make sure to have a good time.

Continuous learning

We encourage continuous learning — sharing of knowledge and skills between all areas of the company. This makes us more capable as individuals, and more connected as a group.

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As a mission agent you’ll perform surveys for some of the world's top online brands. The reward is easy and stable, compared to a Brand Ambassador where greater effort equals greater reward.

Become a Brand Ambassador and work with a range of digital brands, and connect with their potential customers face-to-face. Set your own schedule and work wherever you are.

Our locations

We accelerate the growth of innovative solutions through an on-demand direct salesforce that can be activated instantly in any location around the world. This is where we’re currently active: